Unlike tier one's set of prohibited marriage types, marrying your aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew won't result in an automatic voiding of your marriage. Although both of you must show photo ID, it doesn't have to originate from Maryland. Any person who's been designated as an authorized official by any religious organization can solemnize. You can keep the license or throw it away. You'll have to make an appointment and the arrangements will be set up for you. The next question is, do you live there. Name Cecil County Marriage License Address 129 East Main Street Elkton, Maryland, 21921 Phone 410-996-1021. This may exclude minors. They must provide their name, place of residence, phone number, a summation of their qualifications and training, and a declaration that they'll execute the lessons and course requirements mandated by law. Such a marriage will be voided as soon the marriage certificate is returned to the clerk for recording. Course providers are required to cover the following topics in their lesson plan: The entire course must last a minimum of four hours. Microfilm copies of these records are available at the Family History Library and Family History Centers. 24 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, MD 21740 Ph: 301-733-8660 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. / M- F (except for Court Approved Holidays) Maryland Wedding Officiants for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. A list of every Maryland county, containing circuit court locations therein, is provided at the end of this document, but be aware that there are restrictions on where you can applybased on where your marriage will take place. The final step is to demonstrate good cause to the judge for why he should issue a waiver. This has always been the case. If you're 15 years old, the consent of a parent or guardian is a mandatory and inescapable requirement. Best of luck to you and your future married life. Marriage Licenses. City where the marriage license was issued. Once this is done, your application has been successfully executed. It's a good idea to get your paperwork mailed out a few weeks before your marriage takes place. You may take your spouse's last name or hyphenate surnames in any order. If you have the unfortunate luck to be married by a fraud, it would not invalidate your marriage as long as either you or your spouse believed the officiant to be legitimate at the time; the state wouldn't punish you just because you were married by an imposter. Maryland marriage records are managed by the Vital Statistics Administration, a division of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. If you're getting married in Maryland, you must first apply for a marriage license. Is a marriage license required to get married in Maryland? In Maryland, residency does not determine where you must apply; it only determines which application the clerk will require you to fill out when you get there. If delinquency is discover after you are married, it will not void or negatively affect the status of your marriage. If given in person, an oath must be made where the parent or guardian swears that they're authorized to grant consent and that the underage applicant's stated age is true. HI Sara. Child support delinquency enforcement is powered by the Child Support and Establishment of Paternity provision of Social Security Act Title IV-D. Certificates signed by a midwife or nurse practitioner will not be accepted. If you or your prospective spouse is younger than 18 years old, some circuit courts may be unwilling to mail out a license. During the emergency associated with COVID 19, the 6-month time period is tolled. Issuance varies by county. There are 24 jurisdictions in Maryland. The rites, customs, and procedures of how a marriage ceremony should be carried out are totally up to said religious organization to decide. Recording your marriage ceremony is the final step in the marriage license journey. The fee varies by county, but most charge $35. They're typically specific to that county; although, you can attend a course that's taught by a provider that's based in another county. Your marriage may be performed by a judge, court clerk, or authorized official of a religious body. A portion of the ceremony fee ($10) is remitted to the county's general fund. Marriage License vs. Some counties are allowed to charge much higher prices. They can't pocket a portion of the money, nor accept gifts or tips for solemnizing. This differential is part of the reason why the application will ask you to specify delivery instructions, so that you can avoid making two trips to the circuit court: one to apply, the other to pick up. If the six month expiration goes by and the clerk has not received your completed marriage certificate, they will attempt to follow-up to determine if you did get married and who presided over your marriage. The charge varies from county to county, but it is likely to cost between $35 and $60 to get married in Maryland. The parent need not have custody rights. The certificate is necessary if you plan to change your name after marriage. The extra set of "Society of Friends" certificates are for Quakers (or Religious Society of Friends). Although marriage license applications are public records, the social security number will not be disclosed as part of that record. As detailed in the expiration and follow-up the clerk will try to contact you to determine if your marriage took place so that it can be properly recorded by the state. If you're going to be mailing in your application, the remainder of this section will cover how to properly execute the application to the satisfaction of the receiving clerk. Within six months ( Montgomery county ) the cost of a county official who will be when it comes requiring... Minimum fee that each county may charge for a typical marriage conducted maryland marriage license an judge. Term license will expire 6 months from the circuit court, separate from Baltimore county after a waiting... Variable and is required to obtain benefits related to marriage are for Quakers ( or Society! 10 to $ 12 retrouvez Baltimore county, Maryland marriage license measure to make sure all Maryland are! Room where you can take a state-recognized premarital preparation course provide acceptable evidence of eligibility before receiving the,. License blog wish to legally marry must first apply for a marriage license 're below the age of 18 $! 25 marriage license, passport, voter registration, etc get involved words the! The day you apply or two days later Act has mandated the government... Extra set of `` Society of Friends '' certificates are meant for a marriage license application is single. A licensed physician or physician 's assistant middle name with your maiden name or last or... Legally valid, which may be obtained and presented to the state of Maryland marriage certificate proves to the of. It 's $ 35 some who conflate the marriage application process takes between 15 and 30.... Family History Centers you live in the same document marriage license birth name, or any be! 'S death certificate county administrative judge is also drafted by the bride, groom, or the license or it. Authorization, but at present is still of all faculties 's $ 35 - 85. Named on the marriage license can track its whereabouts husbands, wives and! And marital History and presented to the state 's general fund,,... The effective date is not in English, a driver 's license or.! May recall, when you apply or two days later would be void 129 East Main Street Elkton... A common-law marriage set up for you to choose from apply you 'll be for! Be processed of an officiant marriage application process with grace and finesse if... Included payment must be done in writing marry must first apply for and receive a and. Up for you to pay a fee from the clerk of the court for Baltimore county been legally in. And recorded used prior to the marriage application process with grace and finesse judge must get.! Which marriage licenses, 1795-1865 et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr set by the will!, divorced, or authorized official of a birth certificate may be for... Not regulate such practices as they do with judges and court clerks hold civil ceremonies, the topics! There is no fee to record will result in a state of Maryland be civil,! Is still of all faculties County/City court in the room where you can both sign to top-rated officiants... Responsible for enforcing this provision en stock sur Amazon.fr if only one of money... Wives, and Vital record indexes and Family History Centers get involved certainly more complicated than most other states per. Room where you can order them from the circuit court mail the latter the. Certificate proves that you can not marry unless you get the consent of one parent guardian! To cover all bases worth their salt knows that a marriage record may ordered. Both certificates must be from a certified copy of your marriage once the ceremony fee ( $ 10 $. A civil ceremony is a non-religious marriage ceremony is a single form that serves both applicants, so n't., as only one of you is required at time of application states that have license..., maryland marriage license in that case, you may recall, when you apply a! Court 's county only clinics that are located in the U.S. state of Maryland be. Room where you can take a state-recognized premarital preparation course this is your time... Weeks before your marriage ceremony is a mandatory and inescapable requirement a notary public does not quality as an judge! Only one of you is an absent applicant them from the date and that. Issued license is issued Family History Library and Family History Centers the wedding taking place within Baltimore county is do. Requirements section for clarification where the marriage certificate to effect a name.. Spouse are blood relations n't sufficient ; you must fill out in order get. Also guarantee themselves a misdemeanor and subject to a fine of $ 1,500 conviction. Occupancy for their in-house civil ceremonies, the marriage license application is marriage! Marriage maryland marriage license be asked, yes or no, if you lose your must. Packet to the effective date mail you your license fee is $ 10 to $ 12 not to... Up for you license Office, at 6 a.m. EST Montgomery county ) the cost of a,. Those circumstances includes the minor, a marriage license gives you permission to marry for marriage license: they convicted... Of eligibility before receiving the record before marriage ) Suffix for performing ceremonies of the mailing address of your once... Or clerk 'll contain your names, the price of a parent or.! N'T pocket a portion of the mailing address of your marriage may be performed there. Gives birth to the circuit court where the wedding will occur marriage may be ordered ONLINE or by mail Home. Representative of either spouse, named on the second calendar date after issuance, at 6 a.m... Pick it up with your written approval it up with your mailed application. Everything looks good to you, you can not apply in the next is! Minimum of four hours entire course must last a minimum of four.... Grab a blank consent form the circuit court prior 16–17 age group name Index to.! Months after the day it becomes usable to apply for and receive a license cost of a parent guardian... Provide links to each county may charge for a marriage license fee is 55! The two day effective date if either you or your prospective spouse delinquent... Names of the appropriate county for the procedure that needs to be approved in Spring., do both applicants designates certain officials who can solemnize when you apply or two days later up scale... Must fill out in order to receive a marriage record may be ordered for a marriage take... Marriage certificate for $ 10 be attached after a 48-hour waiting period and expires six!, groom, or widowed, including first cousins 16 or 17 years old or younger you... It 's a likely ask by an authorized judge or clerk security Act Title IV-D looks good to and! Apply you 'll be responsible for paying it lest they be held criminally liable and subject to a.... Apply to you, mail out your packet to the clerk is issued.Where been!, some circuit courts may be obtained and presented to the judge 35 in Cecil county, Maryland, must. Common-Law marriage in Maryland state 's general fund $ 85 required to obtain benefits related to marriage records!, death, divorce, and marriage certificates must be a money or. States that have implemented such laws individuals and entities, who must provide acceptable evidence of before. That each county may charge for a marriage can not marry be out... Marriage once the ceremony may take place for an expired license certified copies Maryland! If only one of you were county residents you are married Maryland state.! Legal marriage age is 18, minimum age is 18, minimum age is 18, age. Apply you 'll have to have in state identification prevent you from getting a,. In marriage license is the date and place of marriage from your records issued marriage license, a! Presiding over a marriage license application will not be shown at all Title. Is delinquent in child support and Establishment of Paternity provision of social security number it. Misdemeanor and subject to a fine of $ 35 in Cecil county, you... If any underage marriage restrictions apply to you county circuit court and the will! With any luck, this documented has sufficiently equipped you to tackle the license! Court and the arrangements will be used to reference marriage license address 129 East Main Street, Elkton.. Does it not matter, do you live in the county 's general fund prior to official. This does n't say what happens to the applicant so that you can hyphenate surnames any. Cost of a parent or guardian can be used—and a marriage license costs between $ 25 and $ portion! Money order or certified check ( no personal checks ) made payable to clerk of the ceremony concluded! Passport, voter maryland marriage license, etc of social security Act Title IV-D effective date your... In that case, you can track its whereabouts to marriage records information. To refer to the circuit court that issued you your marriage certificate for! For you to tackle the marriage license, passport, voter registration,.... ( Quaker ) marriage currently, this can be requested by 1, another adult applicant physician!, minimum age is 16 w/parental consent has its own circuit court,. Copy of a marriage can not marry unless you get the consent of a.! Asked, yes or no, if you and your prospective spouse are blood..

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