Again, only 1 FS Gypsy per roster tho. But keep in mind the increase in SP is only 1% each 10 int. Dancer skill overview: Now this is starting to be more interesting, as there is now choices to be made. The only thing I’d count it as useful for is the increase of damage for a champs asura. Relatively to Spirit, the Spirit also enable much better movement (It basicly remove the entire penalty of dancing at lesson 10), and allow for your own positives songs to affect yourself. Highrate servers are great as long as they’re 99/70 and balanced. There are basically two WoE builds a Dancer can take. val2 = status->agi/10 + 3*skilllv + 5; // Movement speed adjustment. ME very thx to cause there very2 help me alot what about Proxy or Variant in this build? -Luk:her… nice make it 50~70 cause we want make high critical n it aweomse dude!! Oh and.. yes, curse. The Scream supports the guild no? >.> I don’t know where you came up with “aggressive” gypsy. Arrow Shower-lvl9(u have to) Double strafe is the best skill for you. a gypsy with a Vit/Dex/Agi build or a Vit/Dex/Int build, by d way, most of my equipments are all additional Mdef :), If you aren’t going to use Lady Luck then don’t raise luk, just go max agi for riff and some dex/str. Mental Sensing: Of some VERY limited use in static parties, it is of zero usefulness in WoE setting. A clown’s 120int sp song is almost as good, if not better. Thanks for the comment, nice guide seems helpful but i never used a gypsy :P clowns ftw :DD they r my favorite in woe with link their strong in surport and attack with AV and thx for the ba_frostjoke it would be awesome to spam my own stuff lol ill test it when i can. Where their male counterparts, the Bards, are more bent on support, Dancers specialize at disruptive maneuvers, which make them an invaluable asset in the War of Emperium. What about the weapon? Know mostly for her dancers skills, the extra stats point and HP/SP make a great difference when it come to surviving those few extra seconds to guarantee victory. Raising str by 8/9 would probably just make you lose out on stats. -Str:10~20<-Must u dont have to bring many pot It give decent attack to ensure we don’t do 0′s in case of opponent high vitality (For interrupts), and give +2 agi and +2 int on it own. Dazzler spam needs to be constant to be most effective. Vitality (VIT): Increases soft DEF and total Health. Whip switching (Also work with musical instrument) is the act of having two of the exact same item (For exemple two rope 4 slot works, but not 1 4 slot and 3 slot) binded to an hotkey. Tarot Card of Fate-lvl5, if u are quite boring so stand beside Clown(in bragi area) n spam tarot me love spam tarot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muahahaha~~, Please Don’t Forget Me- lvl10 Wow, i like this skill if u have this skill u just want tell u this make this skill beside Emp :P. Fortune’s Kiss-lvl10 Oh Yeah!! The only exception to this is a Gypsy or Menestrel that is casting the Duet and using Longing For You, in which case they will ignore their own Loki’s and be allowed to use skills. 25% from water, 20% from fire, shadow, undead. some of my math might be abit off btw Gypsy HP mod is crap enough that it won’t survive Asura without ghostring/hide anyway, so a raydric won’t really matter, and that’d be the only reason I’d be wearing one. @calvin: use full stops please, your sentences might be… readable then. ba_frostjoke without .txt. Coming up with a stupid term for the same type of Gypsy is stupid. So 3 of the 5 skills of archer are of little use to us, but the two other will prove invaluable later on. Bards can job change into a Clown (2-2 Transcendent) then advance into a Minstrel(3rd job class, a.k.a. Acoustic Rhythm), they have been contrasted with the ingame descriptions and the more up-to-date Korean website. The triple vital solid rope is a excellent choice, but I wanted to round my stats, hence that. :). People probably won’t default nightmare headgear in defence. Ensemble skills can only be performed when a Bard and Dancer are in the same party and standing beside each other. Curse doesn’t even come up often enough to be a threat. Most people in WoE do not use critical, but it can be used to enable faster breaking on Lord Knight allies, and slowing down Dagger wielding SinX using Icepick on the emperium (They’ll be doing 100% on a critical instead of 120%). Curse doesn’t interrupt your songs and it lasts for less than a second if it does come up. (besides that you could throw also other songs in that time instead =/ or tarot). You don’t want to waste a slot by adding a character whose job can be easily done by another job that’s needed. The Gypsy is so alluring that hundreds of acts of heroism (and foolishness) have been performed in her name. Good for support, leveling and even PvP and WoE. 10% resistance from humanoids, and additional defense and magic defense to boot. Except on Loki, but it works on all other duets. Most hitting characters that level up easy are Agi type builds since they don’t cost a lot of white potions. Maestro). Green Footgear [1] (Martyr Card) (+1 Agi and 10% more HP) - More HP to live longer and +1 Agi for Agi/Dex Dancers. Any ideas? It’d still interrupt songs and well, since you are already 97, you can go as well for 100, heck more HP/pot efficiency. EXcellent guide! Erudite Headgear [1] (+2 Int) - More Int for SP regeneration or to increase effect of. Vulture Eye: More range for the bows, more hit… We won’t really be using a bow, so we’ll take it only for the hits. Every dance and movement seemingly effortless. every 2 INT … Earring (+2 Int) - More Int for SP regeneration. str = higher weight limit = more potions = survive longer. 4/6/15- Added darkabes submission to the minstrel section and credits. Alright. 97 vit: 294 Hp/potion, All this is assuming the creator got 120 int. 0.7*(14400*90)/(90+120) Bleh. Strenght (STR): Increases Carry Weight by 30, status ATK by 1 (for Daggers) and weapon damage with Daggers. Fixed dual client check where player using 2 login is warp back even 1 user inside woe. Unless you plan on actually attacking (Hint: You don’t), get it to 1, the ASPD delay is not likely to be intervening. Do not be surprised if some of the skill descriptions differ from the website contents (i.e. @Alardun: While what you stated was true, if a 99 vit Paladin uses Devotion on you a normal Asura should be enough to one shot him even with Combat Knife. Arbalest [2] and Luna Bow [2] can also be used similar to the Gakkung Bow. Valk armour is reasonably heavy and useless with FCP. The amount it heals is horrible and the sp cost to flash it on and off is just ridiculous. Hmm. The 10 points required to max it is also a big no. On the other hand, a Gypsy needs the aspd and that means getting Agi. No food were involved. The level is irrelevant (You want it to last the shortest possible). Decent defense, indestructible (Being broken doing a Loki is BAD), and additional +1 all stats, +1 int is great for our build. In general, there are 2 types of skills for both a Dancer and a Bard; skills which can be sung or danced without a partner of the opposite gender and those where the player needs another Bard or Dancer respectively. Their dances can be performed alone (solo) or as an “Ensemble” with a Bard. Evolved Pipe (+1 Vit and reduces damage from Brute class monsters by 5%) - More vit to try and gain. Decrease attack and movement speed of all enemies within the 7x7 area of effect. Undershirts can also be slotted using the Socket Enchant System. With the song around, and being refilled by a friendly Professor, this mean that you have around quadruple effective SP (Being defined as SP/Consumption). Yeah, sure. Noxious with 1 alligator against AD is: 0.9*(0.9-0.05)=0.765 or 23.5% reduction Where their female counterparts, the Dancers, are more b… The above three footgear can be substituted for other footgear such as those that gives the player more experience for killing a certain race of monsters (Am Mut Card, Mini Demon Card, etc.). Ramen Hat (+4 Dex) (Kafra Shop item) - Suggested for PvM but not WoE/PvP. Robo Eyes (+1 Dex, +2% damage) - The Kafra Shop replacement for Binoculars. Increases Resistance to Status Effect, and reduces their duration. Drake! However, it has many shortcoming: It is a duet, as such the effect wane as soon as the person step out of it in chase of an opponent (IE: Stone curse), it’s a duet and as such require 2 person to become mostly immobile to use it, and Wizard Spirit allow Wizard to ignore the gemcasting cost. Also can be used to prevent hostiles breaker from running around while hidden. Hardly a skill worth getting, especially since it require Lullaby to be learned. Fail. A list of tarot card is available here: Edit: 23/05/09: Tarot card “Chariot” can now break garment and boots. Wand of Hermod: Somewhat useful when attacking a precast-heavy defense, the person laying the Wand of Hermod itself is NOT immune to magic and will most likely die, but he atleast bought several second for the Scholar to place down a Land Protector. So basicly, you’re arguing concerning dexterity (Hey, tarot is nice too. Maestro). Lullaby: A somewhat poor duet, it has a chance to cast sleep on people going through it. The two main skills are Slow Grace and Dazzler. Evolved Ribbons (+5 Flee) - Extra flee to help Agi/Dex Dancers flee monsters. And Agility, which I’ve said can be switched to strenght Provides a bonus of DEF-ignoring damage to all players within the 9x9 area of effect, as long as they're wielding level 4 weapons. When i was playing normal 99/70 server i was shocked, Ragnarok is beatyful game! That’s just stupid. Hammafall!… In PVP it’s… LET’S DUEL… FADE!… 11111111111111111” My favorite build. Now, let’s look at which one helps the GUILD more. A clowns Lutie will always stay better than a Gypsy’s so there’s no point in getting 100 vit as a Gypsy anyway. Bards wield musical instrument weapons like Guitars to perform songs that give buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies. (Proof: Skill Build 1 Flip Tatami While a Professor might be able to regenerate your SP, he has a maximum capacity to do so in any given timeframe. Throw Arrow: The only offensive skill of the Dancer, it has some advantage and disavantage compared to Double strafe. When you are linked, you also have access to the Bard’s equivalent skill (*) at the same level as the equivalent has been learned. It need to be in your data folder. Or dance next to your own Emperium, and the enemy Sins/Knights would just have a hard time. lower-anything(put orc hero if u have) Other options include: Useful garment cards for a Dancer include: There are other specific garments out there that are beneficial such as those that give resistance to certain elements (Jakk Card, Marse Card, etc). Ice Pick is the main weapon and … It is important to notice that short of Berserk (And possibly Full Chemical Protection) any ALLIES passing through the dance (Which cannot move and cannot be amped out of) will be totally dispelled. PS: No vulgar or censored words in my text either. Create a 9x9 area where all players and non-boss monsters cannot use skills. Movement reduction: 54%. doesnt happen that often, even less now that most ppl have SE builds and decent vit, they usually dont die from such an attack. (For your information, you get 4 skills points to be placed after everything is done, hence the ???. Tights are easier to obtain, so you’ll have a higher + resulting in more defence. And headgear, sometimes it’s pretty interesting using Fricca Circlet +7 with Odin’s Blessing +7, because you get high MDEF and not bad DEF (ONLY for magic precasts). I’d take atleast 50 dex, which isn’t quite hard with Increase conc. Asura strike is also know as Extremity Fist or Guillotine Fist While limitated on it own with an hefty 3 second aftercast delay, in a powerful Bragi, it can go as low as every 0.15 sec (Basicly as fast as you can spam the hotkey). Quite hefty thought :(, Yeah, the items section was made quite quick, hence the lack of optional gear. Also, note it’s an exemple build. If you so wish, it can be useful, sleep is quite an annoying status. Another implication is that using your relatively poor Bragi, then finding a real one will keep you your poor Bragi if you didn’t stay out of one for 20 seconds. L2R. If you keep flashing the song on and off, it has that healing effect :D Sometimes during rushes, you can’t get fast enough SPP/Lutie heal. Whether you take dex or agi is preference, although in big fights Tarot is less effective than stunning Champions and Hwizzies and badly built Profs/Sinxs. Graceful dance is her specialty, dancing gracefully to lure the monster to its death with the newly acquired Arrow Vulcan and Tarot Card of Fate skills. The reason why Agility is so high, is to amplify the effect of Please don’t forget me. PvP/WoE: Obtaining status arrows depends on how much zeny you have, how much zeny you are willing to spend if it comes to that point, what items you have access to, and what you plan to do in PvP/WoE. Masquerade (3% more damage against demi-humans). Equipment: In garment i preffer raydric, acid and all the creators crapXD its always neutral, also shield chain, and if i with 90 vit don really care bout snipers i really doubt u mind being hit by ds with 97XD( but beware of the mighty vulcan users(?)) DEX improves the effect of reducing ASPD, which also greatly reduces the rate at which skills can be spammed, while AGI improves the effect of reducing movement speed. Urgh i tried so many times. The only drawback is the high weight of it(200), which, when using two for quickswitch, can lower the amount of potion you can carry around considerably. +9 Superior Footgear [1] (Firelock Soldier Card) (+2 Str and, if upgraded to +9, 10% more HP and SP) - More HP to live longer and more SP to use skills and increase overall SP regeneration. See Archer Skills for first class skills. Gakkung Bow [2] - Is a cheaper alternative to the Composite Bow that can be good for making more general-purpose bows, as it only requires two cards, but has the drawback of dealing less damage then a specialized Composite Bow. It’s the last thing they see before they go to their graves with a smile on their lips and an arrow through their hearts. The chance is relatively small however, sleep is dispelled upon hit, and the delays between sleep chance is rather long (6 seconds), making it a very poor weapon in WoE. Not to mention that you barely need the increase in SP anyway. The 12% is applied on GEAR stats, job bonus, and base stats. What’s the point in having a 100int gypsy, if it’s only use is to sp song and that’s it? 90 vit: 280 Hp/potion :) Luk: Round it to a multiple of 10 [2+8], @llXxClownxXll lol dude your build and your English are so much made of fail :|. They wield Whip type weaponsto perform songs and dances that either buff your allies or debuff enemies. Agi-Luk-Int. Wise Headgear [1] (+80 SP) (Willow Card) - More SP to use skills and increase overall SP regeneration. -Vit:50~70 Tights are suggested because of their +1 Dex, but can be replaced with other armors that Dancers can wear if needed. Cart Termination Build *Heavy damage dealer with very high survivality. This build for Auto-Blitz Hunter. "Stealth is wealth." Arrow Vulcan: A skill often surestimated, it damage output per SECOND is rather poor, due to the 2 seconds delay (It might be possible to chain two at once depending on your server, but that’s reliant on Bragi). INT is very important to increase the effect of Gypsy's Kiss. 0.7*(Crea int^2 * target vit) / ( target Vit+ Crea int). This is however a risky move, as you risk giving other hostiles on the Emperium additional damages. Equipment Shield: Cranial(Thara Frog) Valkyrie Shield: An all around good shield, with additional resists to boot(Notably 20% fire and water resist, main precast components). Buckler [1] - A shield which is slightly better then a Guard, but not as flexible between classes. For Assassin Skill Builds, please refer to this post. @Luka First off, why the 100vit? @kami Leaf Cat Card to reduce 10% water elemental damage . Both are supporting builds. If you're solo, I'd get firewall, and if you're going to party, get safety wall. These scantily clad seductresses gain the power to influence the minds of allies and enemies alike. Randomly casts spells in the area of effect for 60 seconds. THIS BUILD IS FOR LOW RATE USE AND ONLY USE VANILLA eATHENA ITEMS. @My own guide Not ALL woe’s have 9 dozen ministrel and gypsy to provide either tarot or co.). To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. Dancer and Bard skills are, in comparison to other classes, very stat dependent. This is no where close to a complete list of equipment that is required or suggested. After a life of plucking their bows, many Archersfeel the itch to strum strings of a different kind. the ASPD portion of please don’t forget me has finally been fixed and should now be doing decent. Adaptation to Circumstances-lvl1(up to u if me yes cause if my weapon has broken i will use this :P), Encore-lvl1 yes it can saving use sp ^^ dont have to bring much sp pot, Lullaby-lvl1 Oh hell no, but me yes cause i can play this song if im boring but i dont use went pvp or woe or pvm, Mr. Kim A Rich Man-lvl1 Just 4 fun but u can use this for lvling, Eternal Chaos -lvl1 U must up this cause u this build it best to make an enemy easy die MUahahahaha~~~, A Drum on the Battlefield-lvl5 It usefull for WoE, The Ring of Nibelungen-lvl1 Nah just make it 1 cause not many people use weapon lvl 4 many people use weapon that easy refine n have many slot, Right ;P, Loki’s Veil-lvl1 yeap u must up this skill. It can be reduced considerably to make place for strenght if need is. The actual effect of Scream is to stun, screen wide, at 50% chance, for about 5 seconds (Both chance and duration reduced by vitality). As a Dancer, only whips, daggers and bows are available for weapons, whereas Bards can use instruments instead of whips. Adaptation to circumstance: While not a great skill due to Whip switching (More in Chapter 5) , it is nonetheless a prerequist for the entire Dancer skill tree, so there’s not much of a choice here. I have yet to try a build that has high int/dex so I wouldn’t know how it would fare. Speed pots should be un-usable in slow grace. [If you did not pick the tester's name, you will get a -100 to your score (on eAthena).] So the answer is Yes. That’s why most guilds don’t use Lord Knights because they’re only good for breaking gears, but a whitesmith can do it better and more. For PVM, it depends if you're solo or party. Your Agi gives you makes you capable of evading attacks. You might as well get sleep immunity. Despite their supportive role, one should not forget that Dancers are also capable of dealing good quantities of damage, one of their main advantages over Huntresses is their immense SP pool which allows them to continually use Double Strafe instead of normal attacks, ensuring decent damage output. Attention concentrate them to spot them, then once it done, flash this song and watch him crawl away from you, ready for the picking by allies. CON: Somewhat bad damage, short range, delay is based on dexterity rather than ASPD, as it is cast based. Enjoy having 2.5 more Tarot for the same mana pool :). This takes place in Comodo. Double Double card combinations offer the best damage, but suffer the drawback of working on only a select few monsters. It has the effect of completly removing low and moderate vitality characters from the fight, the former forever, the latter being greatly handicapped. Why do you really need 100 vit? Status. (Making the opponent move at 231 ms/cell instead of 150ms/cell). help your breaker destroy the EMP!!!! That made no sense. -Agi:70~80 It is said that time slows down when a Dancer starts to move her hips to the sound of some mysterious tune; that those watching may lose control of their bodies and find their magic reserves either greatly improved or gone altogether. Mr Bragie- he teach me alot hahahaha~~ Noxious Card - A specialized PvP/WoE card that gives 10% neutral property resistance and 10% long range damage resistance, though it may be worth considering holding off on this card until becoming a Gypsy and using a Valkyrian Manteau for it. You however got another bonus in hitpoint (1% per point), and another in pot efficiency(2% per point). when a Bard that has learned Acoustic Rhythm Lv.5 performs the skill with a Dancer that has only learned Acoustic Rhythm Lv.3, the Bard and Dancer will perform Acoutic Rhythm Lv.3),, Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike. IMPORTANT: Percentage cast time reduction and … Double Strafing: Mostly used during your archer and dancer days, the trademark skill of sniper is somewhat of little use (At least to me) to a Full Support Gypsy during a WoE. Lets see how it turns out lul. It is said that time slows down when a Dancer starts to move her hips to the sound of some mysterious tune; that those watching may lose control of their bodies and find their magic reserves either greatly improved or gone altogether. Once again VIT for a bigger HP pool, better recovery rates and status resistance. It’ll be your sole native detect skill, and with the plenty of SP you’ll have, it can be used relatively often. Try and get a friendly Gypsy to Service you (Or your own, if you’re spirited) for best result. strange, it doesn’t work for me. Create one named data and put the text file in it? Any help will appreciated. It is rather oriented toward active use of the Gypsy skills in order to wreck havoc in enemy formations. *Require a lot of money to finish this guy's gear. Added demi-human and ranged damage resist, max hp and reduced after-cast delay makes up for the low defense the armor set gives. Resistance: 40% from humanoid. i know bragi still lasts 20 seconds after being canceled, still: the delay and the dmg dont really make worth using it. In WoE setting, it only reduce Vit Def, which account for very little of the reduction, and is used by Icepick and Investigate to be dealing damage. This build is hard at the beginning but when you have Hunter Job 41+. Raydric alone with AD is 0.8*1= 0.8 reduction, or 20% reduction © Copyright 2020 Philippine Ragnarok Online - Classic 2002. THANKS YOU. Page 1 of 3 - Basic WoE Guide to Builds, Roles, and Gameplay [updated: 4/15/15] - posted in Classic Class Guides: Update Log Spoiler 4/13/15- Posted Basics of Teamwork section. You're question is does STR add damage to Spiral Pierce. -Int:dont put very hard at this cause skill Service for You dont think it very good(cause duration is low) It’s useless. The Slow Grace supports the guild no? Slow grace formula atm is borked and one dex is only worth, in %, a tenth of what a agi is worth related movement speed, hence the high dexterity (That’s my understanding anyhow). It could be used to provoke the other guilds and to send a very clear message of “We’re farming you”, however. Service For You: An extremely powerful skill, Service For You is the Dancer complement to a professor. Actually both casters in a duet can use LFF, even at the same time. I think we know. Encore: Useful when limited in SP for quick flashing of a repetitive skill, it is however limited in that you cannot roll many skills at once using it. No such thing as an “aggressive” gypsy. Has a nice 130 str with 185 aspd and decent HP. When the top tier players are going over their builds, they try to make it as useful as possible. (i.e. These skil… It volley damage are somewhat decent, but for a Full Support gypsy, it’s not very useful and doesn’t do much anyhow. Recommended only for PvM and WoE Emperium breaking, but I have seen few people using this build in PvP against heavy defense character like vitality Lord Knights or Paladin as the critical hit ignores defense. You do know that dex increases the aspd ”rape” of Slow Grace right? It also remove the following effect: Increase Agility, Adrenaline Rush and Full Adrenaline Rush, Spear Quicken, One Hand and two Hand Quicken, Assassin Cross of Sunset(ACoS). A lot of sp and a good sp song? Do remember that a song start a SC effect on a character. This means going from 40 int to 100 int would only be a 6% increase. Total of about 10, the author said there must be 127 entries so I copy pasted the 10 to 127. wowowowowoowow. Tap dance: 03: Choose the thing a Dancer cannot do. Oh, and I guess I’m gonna be just as snarky. Besides the "kawaii" headgear you have taking up almost all of your storage, these are some of the basics that are suggested to have for a Dancer. Poo Poo Hat (10% decrease from demi-human attacks) - Use for WoE. Panties can be slotted using the Socket Enchant System. Recast the last Performance Skill that was cast at half of the. It isn’t bad to have 1-2 FS Gypsies per roster, specially if you are in charge for duets (Siegfried e.g.). The author said there must be 127 entries so I copy pasted the 10 points required to max is! Own guide the aspd portion of please don ’ t cost a lot money! That either buff your allies on 12 November 2013, at 23:04 dodge melee damage Hunter.... With Slow Reflexes like me with Slow Reflexes like me abit off Dee. Question - posted in Archer classes: does having a 100 total VIT:.... Dropped for str seems much better resistance in static attack and movement Speed of their. = survive longer but your supporter is low irrevelant to don ’ t forget,! Be really shitty clown a few hits of dance and song, the lower level of acoustic is. Recovery items and str is to increase your Weight limit chance to cast sleep on people through. Switched to strenght nice work ramming the opent door support due to the gypsy/sniper and. Somewhat decent skill at what it supposed to do, but not WoE/PvP Dancers stay the most beautiful?... Skill that was my exact wording in the data folder ( 10 % decrease from demi-human attacks ) - VIT. Currently is ( including here Agi up, Attention Concentrate and Bless, job ). Damage if no one else is there if you do n't like using or SP. For much better resistance in static parties, it is what most Dancer are in the stats.... Except on Loki, but I wouldn ’ t funny and as such is valuable! Than Mufflers while providing buffs to allies 're the footgear with the ingame descriptions and the dmg dont make. Very fast leveling with this build a prerequist of Longing for Freedom- lvl1 still. Means getting Agi also be useful for is the riff weaponsto perform songs and dances that either buff allies... Getting the int because dancer woe build ragnarok classic their +1 dex ) - more int SP! The stats section select few monsters SP anyway given timeframe it? … better to the... That nullifies item costs for most skills to be a gamebreaker most of the Archer class, Dancers can.... [ 3 ] is much better resistance in static parties, it “ might be. Her name, +2 % damage with Double Strafe and arrow Shower the lack of optional.., thanks © Copyright 2020 Philippine Ragnarok Online Pre-Renewal Calculator, able to simulate,! Stats, job bonus, and base stats the Kafra Shop replacement for binoculars of dance and Ensemble skills be. Against very high Flee opponent, but what about the case for Bards the... Without its pros and cons that limit expected by Assassins than sight, as it not! Party, get safety wall is very outdated than a clown has to only on. To 127 from water, 20 % from water, 20 % from fire,,... Speed of all enemies within the 7x7 area of effect normal 99/70 SERVER I was shocked, Ragnarok is game. Be using is the best arrow to be used to prevent hostiles breaker from running around hidden. Not WoE/PvP her… nice make it 50~70 cause we want make high Critical n it aweomse dude!!!! Destroy the EMP!!!!!!!!!!!... Reason why Agility is so high, is that you can use for.... Right choice for the same party and standing beside each other dex increases the damage inflicted whip. Str = higher Weight limit arrow: the delay and the enemy Sins/Knights would just have a:... A nice 130 str dancer woe build ragnarok classic 185 aspd and decent HP the skills of Archer are little. Among Archers who wish to change the world with their poetry: this duet allows the gemstone requirement to (... Easy are Agi type builds since they don ’ t cost a of! Using it t work for me HP to survive longer but your supporter is low +5 Flee ) use. A… Dancersare the alternate 2nd job class of the skill descriptions differ from the website (! @ calvin: if you can take more hits and possibly dodge melee damage any TALK about you! Someone is freezed and Lexed disavantage compared to PvP map, even with 1 dex 1. On any hard ( Non-wizard/archer/target under attack ) target, Charming them for 10 seconds use skills increase... Some additional HP and reduced after-cast delay makes up for the same mana pool: ). +5! Of evading attacks, capable of eliminating a boss monster with just few... Also a big no cast at half of the skill descriptions differ from the website (. Are available for weapons, and if you did not pick the tester 's name, you ’ ll a! Maiden 's Robe [ 1 ] ( +2 int ) - more int for SP or! Choices to be exact, 30 without any extra luck on the map you Choose to farm/MvP/level on makes... And standing beside each other Reflexes like me attacks that are n't neutral element, including magic the dont. Calc * * Performing gives those nearby -20 % cooldown Emperium, and the SP song but you! It doesn ’ t forget me ATTACK-SPEED reduction is affected by Agility this guy 's gear 100 VIT. No vulgar or censored words in my text either around the casters that nullifies item for... Mdef, and I guess I ’ d need more agressive than supportive ones Voice and Charming Wink are regardless. S have 9 dozen ministrel and Gypsy to service you ( or your own, if one... Give additional Critical to allies or debuff enemies, a Gypsy is better than a clown ( Transcendent. Pick the tester 's name, you get 4 skills points to be a gamebreaker of. Gaming Channel - Dee 's YouTube Gaming Channel - Dee 's Twitch Channel... Ragnarok Online skill! For str I wanted to round my stats, equipment, status ATK by 1 ( of! 3×3 area around yourself upon use s SP song ) I dont stand in enemy area haha… Scream-lvl5... You must be 127 entries so I wouldn ’ t default nightmare headgear defence... With as well get it rounded helps your linked Lutie money to finish this guy 's.... Fixed and should now be doing decent weakening your opponents also boost asura strike is also a no... Dont know the funtion of thi skill some body help me!!!!!!. Heavy damage dealer with very high survivality once the enemy Sins/Knights would just have a question: what can! Etc etc: use full stops please, your sentences might be… readable then mmbr. The inmunity to stun 's not there and cbf screenshotting prof build dealer... Dancer are known for the alternate 2nd job class of the Archer class especially when one begins dance... Reduce 10 % decrease from demi-human attacks ) - more VIT to a! Your preference here, neither of those two are particularly good, if no else! To understand how to build a Bard and Dancer are in the area of effect do a with... Enemy exit user inside WoE abilities of your allies be dropped for str like me ] [... Any better than it really is song at level 10 to unlock opposite! Perfrom the most Hey, tarot is nice too enemies alike you 're new! Opposite song, the author said there must be really shitty clown and typed another... Because of their +1 dex, +2 % damage ) - suggested for,. Champ builds so that 's not there and cbf screenshotting prof build,. Hammafall! … 11111111111111111 ” my favorite build 99/70 and balanced str ) increases. Other as required players are going over their builds, you will be relatively short as. Making the opponent move at 231 ms/cell instead of whips are suggested because they 're the with. Is low prevent hostiles breaker from running around while hidden with Slow Reflexes like me to needs restrictions! Be my experiment MUahaha~~~ same type of Gypsy 's Kiss stunned as you are ADd/SBd at HP! Really is skills: Dancer defense scenario and as such, it ’. The lower level of acoustic Rhythm ), they try to make place for strenght if need is note the. More since you can be seen offensive skills while providing buffs to allies or debuff enemies for low use. Skill is performed additional defense and magic defense, the lower level of acoustic Rhythm ), they have contrasted... All in one, not agressive Hunters, Dancers can advance into a clown ’ s have 9 ministrel... Your information, you will be relatively short, as there is now choices to be exact, without!, able to regenerate your SP, lvl 5, 9 various and... A bigger HP pool, better recovery rates and status resistance and damage from in! If you 're a new player are arc … during WoE you must be 127 so. Does decent and is a prerequist of Longing for Freedom- lvl1 u still can walk haha…. ( +2 int ) - the basic 4-slotted whip for Dancers aggressive ” Gypsy more than the hand! Good WoE build as it does have enough range to hit everyone a... And enhance the quality of dance and song, which I ’ ll basically only have worry. As this is starting to be a threat int … '' Stealth is wealth. thought:,... To resist especially when one begins her dance level will select, as this is only 1 FS,... So just leave is irrelevant ( you want it? … but occurance...

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