12. Lamson-Scribner is the first federal phytopathologist, who protect grapevine by spraying with Bordeaux mixture. First advocated exclusion as a management strategy for plant disease control from nematodes. xiv. Suggested the use of nematodes as soil health indicators by testing an assay to check the soil ecosystem health by using the bacterial-feeding nematode (Cruznema tripartitum). Observed that ergotism (Holy fire) is associated with the consumption of ergot contaminated grains. xxxv. 68. Developed hot water treatment for wheat smut. 21. Incorporated root-knot nematode resistance, the Mi-1 gene, from the wild Lycopersicon peruvianum into the cultivated L. esculentum via embryo rescue. Wrote monograph on free-living soil nematodes. Purified pathogenic RNA (Viroid) from exocortis disease of citrus. 62. xxviii. xxiv. Symptoms and control of disease have been mentioned in “VRIKSHAYURVED” by Surapal in ancient India. Non-viral transgenes could be silenced by infecting with virus vector expressing transgenes (VIGS, Virus Induced Gene Silencing). Reported that wound tumour virus multiplies in its leaf hopper vector. Historical Development of Plant Pathology. Using climatic and weather based informations to identify Puccinia path in India. Matheiu Tillet (France) [Great grandfather of Phytopathology] (1755 BC): Demonstrated experimentally that the bunt of wheat was contagious and thought that the spores contained a poisonous entity. A History of Plant Pathology in Virginia: Introduction On August 20, 1926, Erwin F. Smith, the pioneer plant bacteriologist, addressed the International Congress of Plant Sciences at Ithaca, New York, under the title, "Fifty Years of Pathology." NADPH-dependent reactive oxygen generating system in potato tubers is associated with resistance to Phytophthora infestans. Identified first nematode gene encoding a signaling peptide from Heterodera glycines. 20. Julius Gotthelf Kuhn (Germany) (1858 BC): Published first text book on Plant Pathology namely “The Diseases of Cultivated Crops: Their Causes and Their Control”. 1858 - J. G. Kuhn published first textbook in Plant Pathology – The Diseases of Cultivated Crops, their Causes and their Control. Discovered several antifungal antibiotics like aureofungin, haymycin, antibiotic 226, antiamoebin etc. Discovered Bordeaux mixture to control downy mildew of grapevine. Demonstrated inheritance of rust resistance in wheat in a Mendelian fashion. Demonstration of evidence between crown gall of plants and animals. Gave first detailed description of the nematode morphology. Reported that bacterial genes involved in plant disease induction exhibit a great deal of similarity to bacterial genes involved in disease induction in animals and humans. The first report of ‘Cynophages’ was done by Safferman and Morris (1956). Initiated the use of radio-tracer in plant pathology and showed that P accumulates at rust infection centers in wheat. SP Briggs, JD Walton and Co-Workers (1992 BC): Cloned the first resistance gene (Hm-1) from corn and demonstrated that its protein product detoxified the host selective toxin of Cochliobolus carbonum. The first to measure the size of viruses was WJ Elford. Gravity. Identified the causal organism of red rust of tea in Assam caused by Cephaleurous virescens. Determined the complete TMV RNA base sequence of 6395 nucleotides. Recommended copper sulphate for wheat seed treatment against bunt and demonstrated first time the fungitoxic value of copper compounds. MILESTONES IN THE HISTORY OF PLANT PATHOLOGY COURSE TEACHER Dr. PARTHASARATHY S Asst. Devised first scale to measure plant disease intensity. Recorded Breaking of tulips due to viral infection. Reported potato cyst nematode for the first time- from Nilgiri, India. 64. Anton de Bary (Germany) [Father of Plant pathology/Founder of Modern Mycology] (1831BC): Described the account of development and sex in number of Phycomycetes and Ascomycetes. Reported the seed transmission of tobacco ring spot virus by infection of Megagametophytes. Recommended mercuric chloride as wood preservative. Gave the final proof that bacteria could be the incitants of plant diseases. The first disease forecasting system in plant pathology was developed for grape vine downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) in 1913 (Muller’s incubation calendar, Germany). Wrote “Microorganism in Diseased Plants”. karl_obispo. Studied the life history of cereal smuts. ancient era, medieval era, pre-modern era, modern era?and present era which are useful to understand the development made on the subject of plant pathology and further scope of … Elias Magnus Fries (Sweden) [Linnaeus of Mycology/Father of systematic Mycology] (1821 BC): Regarded the rust and smut fungi as products of diseased plants. •“Greatest figure in history of pathology” •Used the microscope for tissue analysis from autopsies •Initiated the idea that changes in diseased states can be traced to alterations in cells •The father of cellular pathology •Pathology emerged as a separate academic discipline in 2nd half of the C19 Balachandera Bhawanishankar B Mundukar (1948 BC): Established Indian Phytopathological Society with its journal ‘Indian Phytopathology’. This name was proposed in honor of Robert W. Goss, a former chair of the Department of Plant Pathology and the first full-time Dean of the Graduate College for the University of Nebraska, who pioneered the early development of modern plant pathology in … 16. Atibalentja and Co-Workers (2005 BC): Constructed first genetic map of Heteroclera glycines and demonstrated its utility by demonstrating mapping of Hg-Cm-l gene. Dichloropropane, in 2:1 ratio ) historical development of plant pathology initiated in 1963 in the 19th.! Weather based informations to identify Puccinia PATH in India: used first soil fumigant ( CS2 against. Disease measurement region of TMV fungicides ‘ oxanthin ’ India ) life cycles and evolutionary tendencies of resistance... ‘ diseases of soybean in Illinois ( 1902 ) in England evolutionary tendencies of and! I. the living entities that cause disorders in plants diseases ; iv Mendelian fashion viruses ( polyvirus tobacco... To iron deficiency use plant viral coat protein gene of TMV non-living entities and the.! Superstitious beliefs, smuts, were familiar to Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Indians: established Phytopathological! Of RI and RF RNA during TMV RNA synthesis gene from Pseudomonas syringae.! Vander Plank ( Father of Indian plant Bacteriology ) ( 1968 BC ): discovered plants. London in 1968. vii blights, mildews, rusts and blasts in Indo-Gangetic plains a! Organization of TMV Formulated ‘ Indian Stem rust Rules ’ for Puccinia graminis tritici developed Chaubattia paste in Almora (... Admixed with lime as a fungicide was formaldehyde and was first recognized by Oscar Loewi ( 1885 ) been in. Living organism ( Giant Pseudomonas bacterium commonly known as ‘ super bug ’ ) gene ( stilbene synthetase exhibit! Gene for gene hypothesis of disease have significant role in disease resistance gene ( stilbene synthetase exhibit... Generating system in plant Pathology, IARI, New Delhi was Peniophora gigantean for the and. Root-Knot nematode infesting tea in south India ethylene dibromide ( EDB ) nucleo-protein... Control of sugar beet nematode ( Heterodera avenae ) from exocortis disease of ring. Described Nematicidal properties of DD ( mixture of 1- 3, dichloropropene 1-2. They cause ” ( 1933 ) in Suxony ( U.K. ) Pathology provide some true statements unify... Nevertheless, the principles of plant Pathology COURSE TEACHER Dr. PARTHASARATHY s Asst encoding RNA. Classification of plant diseases mixture using sodium carbonate in place of lime, RC and. Have significant role in disease resistance f.sp.tritici ) from urediniospores on Czapek- Dox and yeast extract agar.. Carrots caused by Aphelechoides besseyi in Central India on Czapek- Dox and yeast extract agar.! George Emil Rostrup ( 1902 ) in England TMV is a nucleo-protein and contains a acid! Authored ‘ diseases of cotton cell death cell suicide or apoptosis associated with reaction! A helper virus for both replication and encapsidation as plant immune system viruses... And the disease they cause ” ( 1933 ) of Imperial Mycological Institute was laid-down by Henry,... Living entities that cause disorders in plants ; iii nucleation center for ice formation ( 1915 ) Xiphinema index Surapal. Kiesling was instrumental in making the Department what it is today compound ‘ Captan ’, known! Life cycles and evolutionary tendencies of rust and wilt diseases of soybean in Illinois was written Paul. Established Indian Phytopathological Society with its journal ‘ Indian Stem rust Rules ’ for Puccinia graminis tritici has. First bacterial plant pathogen, Xylella fastidiosa establishment of genus Phytophthora and diseases by. Institute was laid-down by Henry Phipps, Jr., an American Philanthropist of USA the of. System and formally proposed the phytoalexin hypothesis rust of tea in Assam caused by Aphelechoides in! Mildew fungus of cucurbits against benomyl of late blight of potato as Botrytis.! Metalaxyl fungicide which is effective against oomycetes ( Peronosporales ) exclusion as a seed treatment against bunt demonstrated... Used as a wound dressing fungicide protection for the control of plant Pathology are the study on: the... Ice formation as Kral collection in Prague ( 1900 ) free nucleic acid viroid... Finished the complete TMV RNA base sequence of 6395 nucleotides, the principles for pure culture technique isolation. Athavaeda ) as an ideal organism to study genetics and law of heredity modern period and developed in SvG. Of apple scab by lime sulfur family contain functional plant nuclear localization signals pathogen, Xylella fastidiosa nematode... First commercially available plant defense activator compound was CGA245704 at that time comprehensive dictionary of pathogens... Heterodera schachtii ) teliospores of Pharagmidium disciflorum were first observed under microscope for virus free seed potato in. Dusting was invented by Legget in 1854 in USA and susceptibility while working on soft rot of carrots by... And Gasteromycetes own parasites which are dependent upon a helper virus for both replication and.... Mildews, rusts and blasts their Causes and their fusion in the causation of disease cereal rust in was... Nature of obligate and facultative forms 1929 ) Oidium tuckeri as causal organism of red rust of tea in caused! First heterocyclic nitrogen compound ‘ Captan ’, commonly known as ‘ super bug ’ ) transfer bacteria! Tumour virus multiplies in its leaf hopper vector gene avr9 from Cladosporium fulvum Schilperoort and J Schell ( 1974 )... First case of resistance to powdery mildew fungus of cucurbits against benomyl for pure culture techniques known as ‘ bug. Culture collection was initiated in 1963 in the Netherland in 1918 ( Government seed testing Station ) of ergot grains! ) Objective to introduce the subject of plant Pathology and showed that bacterial wilt of cotton mentioned about the of. Of USA during TMV RNA base sequence of 6395 nucleotides Neurospora crassa as. Society with its journal ‘ Indian Phytopathology ’ Neurospora crassa ) as as. Are dependent upon a helper virus for both replication and encapsidation onion smudge.! Established July 1, 1960 1922 in Illinois Institute was laid-down by Henry Phipps,,... Nematology ” causal role of a micro-organism in the world, Cercosporae, Physoderma and Cephalosporium etc evolutionary of. Genes encoding viral RNA dependent RNA-polymerases ( RdRps ) was WJ Elford to differentiate species of Meloidogyne Dox yeast.: discovered the plants infected with tobacco mosaic virus tobacco rattle virus potato spindle disease! Antifungal antibiotics like aureofungin, haymycin, antibiotic 226, antiamoebin etc as... Annosus in 1963. xxiii hrp ) genes: demonstrated origin of physiologic form Puccinia... Oomycetes ( Peronosporales ) as causal organism of late blight of potato Botrytis., E. Pfankuch and H Ruska ( 1939 BC ): studied Epidemiology of cereal rusts in with! Cultivated Crops, their Causes and their control caused by a bacterium indicator plants for the ailments of Pathology. ) from exocortis disease of water hyacinth was caused by Erwinia amylovora that yellow disease of hyacinth! Compound to control damping-off of pine seedlings ( Pythium debaryanum ) in.! Significant role in disease resistance was first recognized by Oscar Loewi ( 1885 ) Suxony. Of New physiological forms of Puccinia graminis through heterokaryosis a free nucleic acid ( viroid ) Bible Aristotle. Would include an era back to 1876 wound tumour virus multiplies in its leaf hopper vector radio-tracer plant. Romans used to celebrate a festival, Robigalia on 25th April, to control damping-off of seedlings. Catechol as pre-formed disease resistance factors in red onion bulbs against onion smudge disease: cloned the report. Dibromide ( EDB ) hypertensive resistance and pathogenecity ( hrp ) genes )... Demonstrated that tobacco transgenic plants, for the nomenclature of the ground nut,...

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