The 35 Most Chilling Documentaries On Netflix. This film is much more than a hockey story. The documentary follows cyclist Bryan Fogel as he attempts to cheat a doping test and then stumbles into a story with much larger implications. Before it blew the lid on a Russian doping scandal, Icarus was already a stranger-than-fiction endeavor. I started watching the Wings in 96 and have been a fan since. Without the Russian Five, Ovi might not have been here or your other favorite Russian or Chek players. First Run Features. She's the best in the world, with the accolades to prove it. 5 Fascinating Insights from Red Army, the New Documentary About the Soviet Hockey Team A film that offers a new perspective on the Cold War, Soviet Russia, and the power of sport. Netflix documentary 'Icarus' spotlights Russian doping whistleblower. Of all the "30 for 30" films I've directed, "Of Miracles and Men" is the most ambitious. The film tells the story of the Soviet Union national ice hockey team through the eyes … Red Army is a 2014 American-Russian documentary film directed, produced, and written by Gabe Polsky, executive produced by Jerry Weintraub and Werner Herzog.It premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and was released in limited theaters by Sony Pictures Classics on January 23, 2015. ... Netflix, which paid $5 million to acquire the film (to be released Friday by the streaming service), is banking on that. If you are a fan of NHL in general, you owe yourself to watch this documentary. Streaming: Netflix Just like with the previously endorsed “Hoop Dreams,” the most compelling documentaries often vault us down a far deeper rabbit hole than originally intended. Jan. 11, 2017. Through his initial quest, he becomes good friends with a Russian scientist who ultimately reveals responsibility for Russian Olympic athletes cheating in multiple games. The great thing about Netflix is there's always something to watch. By Johnny Brayson. Now find out how she became a field A descendant of Russia's famed Romanov dynasty (which includes among its ranks such well-known names as Peter the Great and Alexander … Director's Take. The documentary "The Russian Five" has its premiere in New York City on May 31 at the IFC Center. I was raised in the 1970s on the notion that Soviet hockey players were robots, part of … Sports and politics clash in this compelling Award Winning documentary about five Russian hockey stars who defected to America to join the … By Ryan Bort It was an amazing watch on how the Wings helped tear down the lines of who you can and can't draft.

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